Engineering and Design

Engineering and Design

We are not only selling the Flight Forming system, but also provide our partners the technical support in the flight design and development:
· Screw Conveyor Design: Our engineers in Australia have been committed to the design and production of screw conveyor for 10 years by working with Bulknet Australia who has 40 years production experience of screw conveyors. For years, they have designed cement mixing auger, hopper ribbon mixing systems, digging augers, heat transfer screws, double helix fertilizer spreading systems, which are widely used in mining, agriculture ,construction and other fields throughout Australia.
· R&D of Spiral Flights: DingFeng Spiral also provides R&D services for all kinds of complicated flights. For those flights which are difficult to produce, we will do testing first in our machines, and then send the setting parameters to the customers after success. We could also provide detailed manufacturing videos for flights that are difficult to produce. By doing so, we greatly reduce the R&D cost and efforts for our valuable customers.

· Flight Production
FAQs regarding flight production can be found in our company catalogue.

Industry Application

Industry Application

Animal husbandry: TMR Mixer (large and tapered flight)

Agriculture: Flight for grain harvester, Grain Storage (Conveyor system between barns)

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry: Stainless steel screw conveyors, Flexible Stainless steel screw conveyor, Vertical spiral valve to control the amount during drug manufacturing or food seasoning production.

Construction Industry: Cement mixing screw (notched flight), Spiral piles widely used in Europe and United States. Digging Auger flights used for foundation drilling

Heat transfer conveyor: mostly hollowhelix flight, mainly used in food industry, like to defreeze the frozen fruits.

Mining Industry: delivery of all kinds of ore, like coal mines, iron ore, etc. The main flight material is wear-resistant steel.

Environmental Protection Industry: Water treatment centrifuge (high grade stainless steel, notched flight, tapered flight), sludge conveyor, garbage collection  (usually centreless flight with thickness above 20mm), Archimedes' Screw generator (large and long flight).

Plastic manufacturing Industry: extrusion screw for injection moulding machine.