Animal Husbandry: Feed Mixer (Large and tapered Flight)

Agriculture: Flight for straw harvester, Grain Storage (Conveyor system between barns)

Food medical industry: Stainless steel spiral conveyor, Flexible Stainless steel spiral conveyor, Vertical spiral valve to control the amount during drug manufacturing or food seasoning production.

Construction Industry: Cement mixing screw (Notched Flight), Spiral pile widespreadly used in Europe and United States, Spiral drill flights used for digging the foundation.

Thawing and heating flight: mostly hollowhelix flight, mainly used in food industry, like to thaw out the frozen fruits.

Mining Industry: delivery of all kinds of ore, like coal mines, iron ore, etc. The main flight material is wear-resistant steel.

Environmental Protection Industry: Water treatment centrifuge (high grade stainless steel, Notched flight, Tapered flight), sludge delivery, garbage collection and delivery (usually mandrel-less flight with thickness above 20mm), Helical hydraulic generator (large and long flight). 

Manufacturing Industry: extrusion screw for injection and blowing machine.