We are not only selling the Flight Forming system, but also provide our partners the technical support in the flight design and development.

1. Spiral Conveyer Designing: Our technicians in Australia has been committed to the design and production of spiral conveyor for 8 years, and with 40 years production experience of spiral conveyor  from Australia's Bulknet company. For years, they have designed cement mixing Auger, hopper spiral mixing systems, spiral drilling, hollow thaw spiral, double helix fertilizer ejection systems, which are widely applied in mining, agriculture and construction and other fields throughout Australia.

2. R&D of Spiral Flights: DingFeng Spiral are providing R&D services for all kinds of complicated flights. For those flights which are difficult to produce, or special flights, we will do testing first in our machines, and then send the setting parameters to the customers after success. We could also provide detailed manufacturing videos for flights that are difficult to produce. This way will significantly reduces the development time and investment cost.

3. Flight Production
FAQs regarding flight production could be seen in our company catalog.